This page is here to assist in any general questions you may have. It will explain shop policies, how the cups are made, and the many options we have available.
1. How do I order?
Our new website is meant to be as easier on the eyes and simple to find what you are looking for. Our store works as any other online retailer would, just add to your cart and check out! 
You are more than welcome to message us and give details on your order or specifications for your custom product. You can also message us if there is a problem checking out, we will be happy to assist you!
2. How do you make the cups?
Each cup takes over 24 hours of work! They are hand painted and glittered, table top epoxy is applied and the cup must spin and dry for 4+ hours 3 separate times. All decals or designs are placed between coats to ensure everything is nice and protected by the FDA approved epoxy. All orders take between 3-4 weeks processing.

3. How long will my order take?
In the past we attempted to have everything out as fast as humanly possible. This led to mistakes, disappointment, and unnecessary stress. Our processing is normally 2-4 weeks, busier times are 4-6.

4. What color can I get on my cup?
 We have over 50+ colors of glitter, paint, and inks! So ANYTHING is possible!

5. What design can you put on my cup?
THE SKY IS THE LIMIT. Seriously. We can put your name, your face, your dog, you favorite cartoon character, or even your favorite sports logo on your cup. We have the capability to use a water print technique to have even the most complex designs on your tumbler!

6. What brand of products do you use?
We believe in offering the highest quality possible while using small businesses here in the US. Our glitters all come from individual glitter sellers and is much higher quality than any glitter found at the craft store. 
Our tumblers are Hogg or MakerFlo, which is a US based business and offers quality products. Our epoxy FDA approved.

7. How can I pay?
You can pay with you debit or credit card, Paypal

8. Do you offer refunds or exchanges?
We do not. These are personalized items that will most likely never sell to someone else. If it is a mistake on our part we will be happy to fix it. But if you decide after the fact you don't like the color, design I cannot offer a refund. Ensure you thoroughly check out our size charts, color charts, and other photos to know exactly what you are getting!
9. I received my order and there is a problem! Help!
First, take a deep breath. Getting hostile towards us will not lead to the result you want, as we do not allow bullying or demanding of any kind. 
Second, check back through all messages or order forms. Make sure the mistake wasn't an accidental click. Did you choose small but meant medium? In these cases we cannot do anything.
Third, did you go through the messages between us? Did we misspell, use the wrong color, gave you the wrong size? Please message us as soon as possible so we can fix our mistake!
Fourth, if you are contacting to complain about anything smaller than a dime you will not get a new product or refund. Our products are handmade and often will have unique marksmanship qualities. So please don't get upset if there is a single flake of green glitter on your red cup. We have 50+ colors of glitter and it's extremely difficult to control everything floating in the air! However if there is a blatant mistake you must contact us within 7 days of delivery and we will work together to come up with a solution!

10. Do you offer discounts?
We do! We often have discount codes and giveaways on our Facebook / Instagram and when you sign up using your Email. 

11. Can I rush my order?
we work 9-5 M-F,so unfortunately all orders go base on order date so we do not offer rush shipping at this time

12. How can I best care for my product?

All products come with a care card 
For tumblers: HAND WASH ONLY. Epoxy can crack so try not to throw your cup against a brick wall. Aside from that use as normal and treat with care!